19 May 2011
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This past Sunday, Tiffany, Debbie, and I went to Kanazawa to Loli. Loli is a verb now that I use - it means we dressed up in Lolita clothes and walk around being cute and taking pictures, having drink and cake sets and shopping and doing purikura. 

This was my second time doing Lolita and I went Victorian. The outfit was bought from Bodyline in Tokyo when we did Loli in Harajuku. Bodyline is awesome for beginner Loli because it's so cheap and has a variety of Loli style you can experiment in without spending loads of money. My first time I did Lolita, was a Wa-Lolita, which means "Eastern" -- ie. Asian style. Here I am with Tiffany, my Lolita partner, because doing it together is more fun. :P 

I originally only had one outfit when I started, but on that day in Tokyo I bought... not 1, not 2, but 3!!! New lolita outfits, all of varying styles. Lolita outfits are so expensive sometime that generally, you choose a style/color theme that fits you best and stick with it. However, I wanted to try a bit of everything... and Bodyline is awesome for that because they have whole outfits sales, rather than buying piece by piece. So if you're hardcore Lolita you can spend over 100bucks on a lolita shirt. I'm not even going to talk about how much a name brand lolita dress costs. A lot. 

Anyway, we frolicked on Sunday, Tiff, Debs, and I. Did the typical Lolita stuff. I spent over 100bucks that day. Frolicking in Japan is expensive, yes it is.